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The first time I saw the Pacific Ocean I was 8 years old and had just driven to the coast from Minnesota with my uncle, aunt and cousin. I'll never forget the feeling that I had and how deeply I knew that I had to make the PNW part of my life. I snuck as many snails, starfish, anemones and hermit crabs back home with me (yes, alive. yes, in a shoe box. yes, they died. yes, they stunk the entire way home. I was 8 and in love with the ocean. It probably made sense at the time.) Fast forward a whole bunch of years: past my entire childhood, past college, past moving to London + Dublin on a whim and straight to the awful stock market crash of 2008, where work was scarce for a recent college grad and I had nothing to lose, so I took off again for the coast. I called Tacoma, WA home for a few glorious years where I stared at the Sound, and Rainier, daily in disbelief, and then life pulled me back to Minneapolis for a few more years before pulling me back to Washington yet again. Finally. This time a little further north to Seattle.

My most vivid, life-shaping memories happened during my childhood, adventuring around with my family and learning about nature, and the world, by getting lost in it. These memories are often encapsulated in a single image that I can see in an instant, whether it was an actual photo that was taken at the time, or one that I've created in my mind to preserve the memory. The honest truth is that during a photo session I have the opportunity to create that image for you and the beauty of that isn't lost on me. 

For 15 years I've been creating a visual legacy for the most incredible kids + families and I know that as much as these images mean to you right now, their importance just grows over time and they will be priceless to you later in life, and later in your children's lives, as they're handed down from generation to generation. I try to approach every session with that in mind and I urge you to take a couple seconds to think of that in the middle of frantically trying to schedule a session for this year's holiday photo, or to check a box for a milestone in your kiddo's life. We have the opportunity to take it one step further to create a collection of images that has so much of your family's soul wrapped up into it.

Just the facts, Jack!

My husband and I met on a road trip (naturally!) and are now bossed around most of the time by our giant dogs (a Newfoundland named Wyatt + a Saint Bernard named Cricket). I have the loudest laugh in the room 99% of the time (I try to tone it down for the kiddos :) ). When I put down my camera I generally pick up a beer and head to stage right at a concert, or a frisbee and take off into the woods, or a paddle to head upstream in my kayak, or I grab my camera again to create photos for the best companies around. 




Seattle Family Adventure Photographer

"Sara was professional and so fun! We got to for the first time ever just play and have a normal fun day as a family with a bonus of having all the great memories captured as family photos! In the end my kids were happy and I wasn't a stressed wreak! Best family photos in forever!


"Sara was fun and knew how to interact with my kids. They talked about her all the way home! not to mention the photos are beautiful ❤️"


"We loved our session with Sara. She is a talented photographer who possesses an ability to read a child’s mood and work with them in the most gracious way. (She does the same with their parents, too.)

We had so much fun during our session, and we absolutely love and treasure the photos we have of our family."


"We love the photos Sara has taken of our toddler! She really captures the little moments that spotlight our daughter's personality. It's priceless to see not only how my daughter looked at a certain age, but her artfully captured movements and emotions. Can't recommend Sara's thoughtful and engaging photography enough."


"Sara has an incredible eye and we were blown away with the results. She kept our one year old happy and engaged and captured some incredible memories."


"Sara's been photographing my fam since my daughter was 6 weeks old. She brings such ease, laughter and ability to each shoot. I never worry whether we got great shots because with Sara behind the lens we always do."


"Sara is an exceptional photographer. She captured our relationship so beautifully in the photos. But seeing how she worked and interacted with my young son was almost as magical as the images captured. Five stars and thumbs up for Sara!"

"Sara has photographed our family 4 times, every session has been a joy and the images captured have been incredible."


"Love. Love. Love. Will exceed your expectations every time."


"Loved working with Sara and cannot wait for our next session with our new puppy!"

Seattle Family Portrait Photography

"Our entire family had a great time with Sara during our recent session! She was up for an adventure and seemed to genuinely enjoy keeping up with our kids on a busy, beachy day. We're so thrilled with the gorgeous photos she took!

"Super fun experience! Sara was great with our kids and spent lots of time getting fantastic shots of the whole group. She really captured everyone’s personality plus was just relaxing and fun to be with. Highly recommend!


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