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Family Portrait Photography At Home

I've talked about this a little bit before, but I love when families with pre-teens/early teenagers (side bar: is there a weirder word than "pre-teen"? We need to find a new name...) schedule photo sessions. These years can become so lost, photographically, because once kids start going to school they generally get their school portrait once a year and then maybe a holiday card photo. Then the years fly by and suddenly it's time for senior portraits, without documenting those years in between. 

The extra magic of this age that I love as a photographer is that if you allow them to have fun with it they generally take it and run, and really open up and are able to play. They aren't quite to the super self-conscious age yet (which takes us our whole lives to grow out of, right?), so they aren't too worried about the surface-level stresses of having a camera pointed at them. Instead they're so excited to collaborate, have fun, make jokes, jump on trampolines, stand on swings, show off their hilarious + awesome personalities and breathe so much life into family photos. 

I'll get off my little soap box, but if you have kids this age and are on the fence about scheduling a session, please reach out and let's talk about it, because I promise you'll love it. 

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