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Laurie + Robin + Lydia + Holden Adventure Around Their New Neighborhood

Fair warning: I’m going to get a little soapboxy here, but only out of a pure love + excitement for photography. Specifically: family portrait photography.

The thing that I love most is that each family session is a unique opportunity to highlight what you love most about your family in this particular space in time. Not what you aspire for it to be later, or what you want to portray it as on instagram, or the version of yourselves that you want people to see on a holiday card, but to actually dig in to the core of the spirit of your family and to celebrate the exact things that you adore right now and want to cherish forever.

Would I love to photograph your session on the top of Mount Rainier? Of Course! BUT. Only if your family actually loves hiking and that particular volcano means something to you. Otherwise, let’s brainstorm a little bit deeper and find something that tells a more complete story of the real life of you all together as a family because photography is this magical little art form that actually allows us to create an honest visual legacy of what our lives were really like so we can remember it forever and pass it down for generations.

I love this session for that exact idea. These guys had just moved into a new neighborhood and booked a session specifically to remember the transition and their new weekend traditions of grabbing coffee at the local coffee shop on the way to the farmer’s market and then stopping at the park on the way back to chow down on their market goods and enjoy the perfect summer day together as a family.

Enjoy our little Sunday morning adventure: