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Lovey 10 in 10 Sessions!


A few years ago I started a personal project called 10 in 10 where I photographed one person for only 10 minutes and created 10 final photographs from that session. I completely fell in love with these little shoots and the perfect photos that could come out of such a limited time. I’ve since turned that concept into an ongoing, fun series of events that anyone can sign up for. 

Lovey 10 in 10 Sessions are one of my favorites of the year because it’s all about your kiddo’s favorite things! This shoot will be perfect if you want to create fun, modern Valentines out of your photos, or if you just want to celebrate some love + happiness. (Or if you missed out on holiday cards and want a perfect opportunity to pretend it was all a big plan! ;) )

Each 10 minute session is only $150 and I’ll upload a gallery of at least 10 proofs for you so you can pick out your very favorites to save forever. Instead of choosing your print package for you I give you a 30% discount that you can use for the first 2 weeks that your gallery is active so you can choose exactly which prints + products + digital files you’d like.


  • WHEN — Saturday, January 12th

  • WHERE  A beautiful studio in Seattle

  • GOODS  10 minute portrait session

  • GOODS  10+ final proofs in an online gallery

  • GOODS  30% off prints + products + digital files for the first 2 weeks your gallery is active

  • COST  $150

  • WHY  Because your kiddo is adorable and 10 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a stress-free, memorable photo shoot that both you and your kiddo will love forever.

  • WHY — These lovey sessions also happen to be perfect for modern + fun Valentines.

  • HOW  Pick an open time and book your session. After your session is booked you will get an email with everything you need to know to be prepared for the day and you can start getting extra excited!

  • FINE PRINT  Because session times are limited, they are available on a first come first serve basis and the session fees are non-refundable.

  • FINE PRINT  The proofs in your gallery are for previewing and cannot be saved or downloaded in any way. Digital files may be purchased from the gallery and you can view a full list of print + product pricing over on the info page.

  • FAQ — Can I bring multiple kids? Or the whole family? Or my pets? Sure! We can actually get a surprising amount of super fun images in 10 minutes, however, if you want a little bit of extra time feel free to book 2 sessions back-to-back. I space the time slots out 15 minutes apart, so two sessions, back-to-back will actually give you 30 minutes instead of 20, which is the perfect amount of time for multiple kids/families. 

  • FAQ — What should my kiddo wear? Whatever they love the most! The only hard and fast rule is to avoid giant logos or huge text, which can be distracting, but other than that feel free to have them wear as many colors/patterns as they would like.

  • FAQ — What should we bring? Bring your kiddo’s very favorite thing(s)! Whether that’s a specific toy, blanket, clothing item, pet, family member, anything! These sessions are all about what your kids love most at this exact moment in time and serve as such a fun time capsule for them to be able to remember that forever.

  • FAQ  Can we see some more examples? Of course! There are a few examples in the gallery above, but you can also jump over to the blog to see some past 10 in 10 Sessions!

  • ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS  email me at sara@hellonarwhal.co and I’d love to help you out!

2018 Lovey 10 in 10 Sessions
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