Hello Narwhal — Seattle Children's + Family Portrait Photography


The Most Magical Lake + Forest Adventure

Last year when I was back in my home state of Minnesota I was able to meetup with this rad family at one of my favorite State Parks for the most perfect summer adventure session, starting with forest hikes and skipping stones and ending with beach snacks and sunset swimming.

This was a 4-hour Adventure Session and in the middle of these sessions I’m always reminded of how special they are and how effective they are at creating opportunities for beautiful, honest portraits. We’re all able to get to know one another, really relax, let the day unfold and just enjoy the activity that we’ve planned. I think you can see that unfold as you scroll through these photos from beginning to end. At the beginning children are always a little more cautious and we’re able to create those beautiful, slightly timid portrait and by the end the kids are so comfortable that they’re splashing me with water, sharing their oreos and getting piggyback rides from me back to the car.

I know that sometimes a family portrait session can be overwhelming and seem like just another task to check off the to-do list, but with a little extra planning and deep diving into what makes your family truly unique we can create the perfect day. One that lets you all press pause on the every day stresses of life, connect with your family in an honest, focused way and, as an extra incredible bonus, have the best collection of photos to remember each moment of that day for the rest of your lives.